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NJADSA is a professional, proactive advocate for adult day services in New Jersey. Your membership gives you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the changes in our fluid industry.

PRIMARY MEMBERSHIP is for licensed adult day care centers only.  Membership benefits include:

  • Legislative Representation – Here at NJADSA, we pride ourselves on being proactive on public policy issues. We have access to to legislators to enact change on behalf of providers, the clients we serve, and the programs we operate.
  • Regulation Oversight – NJADSA fosters a working relationship with Health and Senior Services representatives and the Department of Health to regularly discuss issues affecting the adult day care industry.
  • HMO’s – We help negotiate and build relationships with the managed care organizations.
  • Staying Informed – E-mail alerts regarding meetings, legislative and regulatory developments, are provided on a regular basis.
  • Networking – We offer opportunities to network and problem solve with other medical day care providers at conferences, training sessions and general membership meetings.
  • Recruitment – We make recruitment for your center easier through referrals from NJADSA. When contacted by potential clients, NJADSA refers them to our members’ centers based on geographical location.
  • Website – Your membership will grant access to general information, helpful tools and member listings with links to individual websites for increased marketing of your facility and services.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is for vendors and consultants who want to support the adult day care industry.  Membership benefits include:

Online Application

  • Membership Support – Publicity for your organization through our website and opportunities to advertise your services to our members in monthly e-mails and at our Annual NJADSA Conference.
  • Membership Access – Ability to have access to our most current membership lists to contact our members.


PRIMARY MEMBERSHIP – Our 2021 rates are $1,600 for the first center and $300 for each additional center under common ownership.  Please add additional centers to your cart one at a time, including the name of each center with each addition.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Our 2021 rates are $800 per organization.