Adult Day Services

Adult medical day care centers provide crucial medical and related services to seniors with difficulties ranging from limited mobility to intellectual and developmental disabilities. With services offered such as skilled nursing care, social work support and nutritional resources, seniors at risk of institutional placement can maintain their independence, and would-be caregivers can rest easy.

Programs typically operate for five hours each day, and some facilities provide care seven days per week. Each participant has an individualized clinical plan prepared for him/her at the center. While facilities follow a medical model and always have a registered nurse onsite, many other services are also provided, such as transportation. Participants also receive the added benefit of socializing with their peers in a nurturing environment. All adult medical day care centers have an activities director to provide fun activities that can range from bingo to ceramics, all of which are designed to keep participants involved, regardless of any conditions the participant may have.  Funding for these centers is often provided by the individual’s medical or long term care insurance, but even those paying privately are often surprised at how reasonable the costs are.

The end result, and indeed the goal of any adult medical day care center, is that people who would otherwise require institutionalization can stay at home and still have their medical, and even social needs met.

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